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Commemorating First Year Anniversary of IEWO

 Dr. Abeba Fekade and W/zro Telela Kebede's presentation of IEWO's accomplishments during the past year and extensive Q&A with room participants regarding current political situation of Ethiopia and Women's role in the pro-democracy movement.

 Dr. Abeba Fekade & W/zro Telela Kebede of IEWO Part I

Dr. Abeba Fedake & W/zro Telela Kebede of IEWO Part II

Dr. Abeba & W/zro Telela Kebede of IEWO Part III


Entire audio launching the founding congress of the International Ethiopian Women Organization (IEWO) held on Saturday march 3, 2007.

     IEWO Meeting Audio Part I    (1:03 hr.)

     IEWO Meeting Audio Part II   (1:17 hr.)

     IEWO Meeting Audio Part III  (1:01 hr.)

     IEWO Meeting Audio Part IV (51 min.)

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