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... It is true that the restoration of a nation depends upon the role women play in the governance of their nation and in taking their true and rightful position in society....

International Ethiopian Women's Organization



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Some of IEWO 's Activities:
  • Raise awareness on women's issues, their rights, responsibilities, thier role in transorming themselves and society at large 
  • Provide organizational structure and function for education
  • provide the medium and forum for discussing issues on women in Ethiopia through newsletters, paper, radio etc.,  
  • Organize seminars and  forums on issues about Ethiopian women
  • Conduct research, provide workshops and training that promote health and wellness among Ethiopian women
  • Support organizations and indivduals who provide social servies economically, in education ane health  
  • Establish network among ourselves and with all women to empower each other
  • Work with those who struggle for just society, peace and respect of human rights in Ethiopia
  • Raise funds, find resources and establish financial strength for Ethiopian women 
  •  Review books and articles written about and by Ethiopian women
  • And many more....
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The IEWO has successfully held its founding congress on March, 3-4, 2007 and passed the following resolutions: 

1. After discussing on the current situation in Ethiopia, the Congress has

      a) Condemned the brutal regime of the TPLF/EPRDF and especially its undemocratic policies towards women and children;

      b) Resolved to work in alliance with all justice loving Ethiopian organizations determined to remove this regime from power. 

2.  After examining in depth the situation in which Ethiopian women find themselves in, the Congress has

      a) Decided that the IEWO will spare no effort in trying to ameliorate the condition of Ethiopian women who are subjected to poverty and modern slavery.

     b) Sadly taken note of the fact that due to conditions created by the present regime women have been forced into exile to suffer inhumane treatment and modern slavery in the Middle East.

     c) Resolved to set up a task force to expose their suffering and to safeguard their rights in accordance with international labour legislations. 

3. The Congress has strongly condemned the ongoing practice of selling children into adoption and passed resolutions in this regard.

     a) The TPLF/EPRDF regime has exposed children to a dangerous situation without any concern for their future.

      b) The Congress has taken note that this adoption measure has been practiced without any concern for the welfare of the children.

      c) The Congress has resolved that the IEWO will undertake an all round study of the situation to find a solution to the problem. 

4.  The Congress believes that the myriad problems of the country cannot be removed if the full participation of women in the affairs of the country is not assured.

      a) Hence, the IEWO will facilitate ways and means and open up forums to enable women to take full part in the political, economic and cultural fields so that they can make their national contribution as citizens. The IEWO will mobilize and organize young women.

      b) The IEWO will open up research and study as well as educational departments to contribute to the welfare and progress of women and of the country.

5.  The IEWO condemns the war provoked by the TPLF/EPRDF and its invasion of Somalia, as the action does not augur anything good for the people of Ethiopia. 

6. The Congress has taken note of the role and place of women in history and resolved to undertake the necessary effort and to prepare educational, historical and relevant papers to assert the place that is due to them. 

7. The Congress, after considering the tie between the country, the people and religion, calls upon religious leaders to exert their effort to contribute to the cause of women. As the role of religion should be to safeguard the people the religious leaders must side with the people and not with the anti people and anti Ethiopia TPLF/EPRDF regime. 

8. The IEWO believes that it should organize various community services, in health, education and other sectors to benefit all those in the Diaspora. 

9. The Congress has condemned the TPLF/EPRDF regime for violating the human rights of the people and has called for the immediate and unconditional release of all political prisoners and independent journalists. 

March 4, 2007 Washington DC


Please email us, attaching your comments, papers and articles, we will post them here for informative discussions. All are invited to participate.

Ethiopian Women Organization website (  is created to foster dialogue and discussions among women of Ethiopian descent and friends of Ethiopian women on issues that concern women in Ethiopia.  It encourages Ethiopian women to fully participate in their countrys political, economic and social development.

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